My name is Dennis Gelner and I am an Analog nude art & Portrait photographer

My Background

After working as a full-time digital photographer for years, I started realizing, that this was not the way of photography that made me happy anymore. I started feeling more and more like a digital mass producer than an actual photographic artist.

I started generating some kind of antipathy against all that extreme beauty retouching and pretending to be over perfect stuff. Originally I wanted to show the real beauty of people and doing crazy, provoking artworks. But what I did more and more was the total opposite.

That was the time when I decided to turn my back on digital photography, to stop supporting this mass marked of over perfecting persons to an unreal level. There is so much beauty out there that really does not need any Photoshop. Also, I always loved the medium of photographic film, since in my opinion it fits my images the best and is a very honest medium. Also, I love the whole process from creating the idea to preparing, shooting, experimenting, developing the film and finally creating a real hand made darkroom print.

Besides the fact that I have to work slower and much more careful with film, I especially enjoy having by far more time to get to know the person that I am shooting with. This deeper kind of relationship helps me to create even more honest and beautiful images.

My Motivation

I was risen up according to the principle, that everybody is wonderful and that there is no right or wrong sexuality. It does not matter if somebody is gay, bi, pan, trans or hetero (i know the list is longer but you get the point). 

I was told from the beginning that things like free love, BDSM or whatever people believe in and like, are super normal. 

But the most important thing ist, that I was told and still deeply believe that it is not normal to force people into marginalized groups, just because they think or act differently from the “norm” (what ever that means). 

With my works, I want to show, the beauty and the charm of the unknown, the things that people usually don´t see, or do not want to see, when they go out. I want to show that it is ok to live out your desires, dreams and fantasies. As long as nobody is being hurt or suppressed by them.

But i also want to simply show the pure beauty of the people next door. Means i want to show your beauty. May it be in a nude art shot, provoking or not or in a wonderful portrait.

And yes, sometimes I want my pictures to be provoking and to be direct. Most importantly i want them to be as real as possible. But at the same moment, I want them to still look like “art” and to be beautiful.


Being authentic is extremely important for my shots. While i think, that it is ok to stage a shot, i would never stage or change the behaviour of the person in the shot. 

People sometimes ask “do i have to be naked like the other girls?”, the answer is simple. No. If this is not you or does not fit your personality then the shot would not be authentic. And i always prefer a good and honest portrait over a staged nude shot, where you can see the human being in the shot does not feel confident. 

Ok enough talking. Now just enjoy my works and don´t hesitate to contact me